Health Prevention and Screening

Health screening And You

The fundamental purpose of undergoing health screening is to assess your risk of common diseases at a preventable or treatable stage like heart disease, stroke and cancer risk.

Your assessment is based on the fact that most common disease have a well understood natural history and do not simply appear overnight.

There is a very real and invaluable opportunity to find the warning signs of many commonly occurring diseases whether that is diabetes, heart disease ,stroke or cancers.

You deserve accurate information on what you can do to protect their health and rely on  professional medical advice and knowledge to assist them make a choices as to what is best for them. A a one size fits all approach is not valid and individual risk assessment is key part of to providing the highest standard of focused and cost effective health screening services.

You are continuously exposed to an ever increasing plethora of choice of tests and we now live in a time where an almost unlimited range of tests are available. The real question is who can balance the appropriate tests with experienced clinical assessment. ultimately this is the fundamental basis of professionally overseen medical screening.

Individual patients are increasingly exposed to “high Tech” based screening choices with which they naturally struggle to understand fully.

It is not difficult the struggle in real value of such tests but when presented with a strong marketing message which causes further confusion for the non medical professional.

We are aware that many are targeted,often in a completely unsolicited manner suggesting undergo “special offer” type screening which are frequently based on tests of unproven value by mobile style services with no capacity to deliver appropriate follow up or valid information on the actual significance of the information collected. Poor information can have negative health consequences and result in needless anxiety for patients aside from failing to provide a valid professional service. It is of course true that not all diseases can be detacted on screening but the majority of common diseases can.

The “complete medical” offered by private institutions who are focused on a litany of tests and billing for every on site test as distinct from those relevant to The individual. Examples would include undertaking eye screening in those who have no symptoms and recent ophthalmic assessments, full audiograms in young asymptomatic patients or osteoporosis scans in those with no valid indication. The size of the “printout” gives no indication of the real value of the assessment undertaken.

Ultimately you rely on experienced professional advice from a clinician with medical expertise in and that is the basis of the assessments undertaken at this centre overseen by Dr Richard Tobin Jnr who is a member of the Royal College of Physicians since 1986 and who has more than 25 years experience in clinical medicine.

Understanding the reality of your health as your most valuable asset is central to our objectives at all times.

Dr Richard Tobin LRCSI LRCPI MB BCH BAO DCH MRCPI M.Sc (Health Informatics)CCD Dip ECHO