Bond Density Assessment forĀ  over 20 years

FullĀ  ISCD Certified Professionals

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Irish Osteoporosis Society Certified

International Society of Clinical Densitometry Certified

International Osteoporosis Foundation Certified

The Lunar iDXA by GE was the first advanced bone densitometer that was designed to look beyond the bone mineral density.

The Osteoporosis Scanning Centre introduced these advanced DXA scanners to the West of Ireland and has more than twenty years experience in bone density measurement and Osteoporosis assessment and treatment.

This latest technology has the ability to detect subtle bone changes at all ages. It also delivers fast scans using minimal X Rays as low a the normal daily background exposure . This scanner exceptional technologies cover a wide range of clinical applications including body composition

This program uses automation breakthroughs and produce consistent results for patients.

GE Medical iDXA Densitometer Machine Features:

  • High Precison density measurement
  • Utilizes direct-digital detector technology
  • High resolution images
  • Vertebral Fracture assessment using advanced scanner features.
  • Advanced hip analysis
  • Accurate Monitoring of Change over time and in response to treatment
  • Body Composition at highest precision.