Childhood immunisation program

Programs such as the provision of clean drinking water, sewage management, food storage and preservation technologies and childhood immunisation have drastically altered the way we live our lives, changed our expectations with respect to health and have resulted in massive improvements in life expectancy and quality of life.

The current immunisation program is designed to protect the population from a variety of bacterial and viral illness which in normal circumstances would be widespread in the population and which if left unchallenged would cause significant illness.

It is easy to forget that without the development of the childhood immunisation program, these illnesses, which are often mistakenly considered to be minor illnesses of childhood, are often responsible for significant illness, long term disability and death.

Vaccines are constantly being developed and refined to improve effectiveness and lessen the risk of side effects.

Your GP or Practice Nurse will be very happy to discuss immunisation (vaccination) requirements.


Please ask the receptionist for appointments and ensure you mention it is for vaccination so that a longer appointment slot can be booked

For childhood vaccinations you can expect during consultations, your doctor or nurse will:

  • Check any previous vaccination records/status
  • Enquire about past medical history.
  • Ask about history of allergies to medicines or foodstuffs such as egg etc.
  • Ensure your child is well and without fever before carrying out vaccination.
  • Advise on potential side effects and how to manage the child after vaccination.


For a detailed overview of the National Immunization Program–please follow this link